Saturday, August 22, 2015

JOY birthday gift

In March, a friend had a birthday and I took a wooden word and made it into collaged wall art
More details about that HERE.
I enjoyed the process so much that I thought I'd have a go at something similar for another friend this month. Her word is JOY - again I started with a layer of gesso, and then 2 layers of acrylic paint :
I then printed some images and words onto tissue paper. To do this, attach a piece of tissue to a page of printer paper with a strip of glue stick along the top. Make sure it is trimmed to the correct page size, and feed through printer glued end first. 
I love how tissue/serviette images blend into the background. I used mod podge for this project - applied first to the painted letter and then again over the top of the serviette to seal. 
Click on any photo to see it larger.
There's a mix of serviettes (top layer only) glued alongside some of my printed tissue
and stamping with staz-on ink and brilliance gold
Washi tape can be a nice addition (although sometimes it needs some extra gluing) and you can create a different look by stamping on tissue and then tearing and gluing that down
Because she is a poet and lover of words, there's at least one word on each letter
and I love letting elements spill over the edges
Was going to theme each letter differently, but in the end they're a bit of a mix of things she loves
Happy birthday and Bon Voyage to my lovely friend
- hope you have lots of joy over the next month.
Click on the photo to see it larger or go HERE to see it in my Flickr album of wall art.


Anonymous said...

so lovely to see it all come together! blessed to have such a talented artistic friend, who knows me so well :-) thanks, and much love always, P xxxx

Sue Marrazzo said...

= ) Such a cool idea ( =

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