Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekend of fun

Happy April everyone. Today I am packing for my weekend of 3 nights away with 7 other girlfriends in Raumati. Have been looking forward to it for ages. I have known most of these women for 11 years - we met when we had our first babies. We will be eating, drinking, sharing, laughing, walking, shopping, sleeping -- generally having fun together. I am packing this to keep reading - so great when you have a book to take on holiday that you are right in the middle of enjoying. Am also taking some old Quilting Arts magazines to be re-inspired by, and some hand-stitching (and some lovely cheese, spreads, bread & wine!!)
While I'm gone I thought you might like to have some fun too :
Here's lovely April desktop wallpaper from Geninne.
Check out Pam Garrison's video of her house book - very VERY cool.
Talk to you next week

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