Thursday, April 26, 2018

#100daysofstitch : Week 3

I decided to join #The100DayProject and my focus is #100daysofstitch. As I completed Week 2, I was almost finished my Sue Spargo-inspired piece, and I decided to try a decorative stitch (rosette chain) around the wings of my green butterfly
I really enjoy the juxtaposition of the soft felt and hand stitching with the hard beads and harder line of the rayon machine stitching. When I was thinking about whether this might be included in a fabric book at some stage, I decided that I needed to square up this piece before I can call it complete
I just machine zigzagged another piece of felt to the left using the same yellow rayon I've used elsewhere on this piece - it ties in beautifully colour-wise with the silk that I couched down. And at this stage I'm calling it done (Day 16/100). Depending on where I go with ideas of a book, that new piece of felt might be lost in the binding so we'll see if I need added embellishment in that section. Several years ago, I hand-felted this piece which may turn out to be a book cover one day
My direction moving forward is to include stitch wherever I can : 
1. Mixed media projects where I am using my hand stitching as an embellishment in combination with my machine
2. Quilts
3. I love using my machine with paper so I want to add stitch to art journal projects in various ways.
Day 17/100 I turned {back} to the wonderful online Stitch*Bookery class with Mary Ann Moss (currently on special : $20 off until 1st of May) This is just first and most recent day of this project, I'll give full details in a separate blog post once complete. I began with gatherings
Yesterday (day 22/100) the project looked like this (please click on the photo to see the lovely details) : 
I've decided to mix some fabric details with the paper ♥
This morning, I've done some gatherings for another project which I'll hopefully be able to share progress on in my report on Week 4....
I'm sharing every few days on my instagram account (daily became too much of a tie) with a weekly summary here on the blog. This challenge is really working in bringing stitch back into my {almost}-daily creative practice ♥

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Moonshine : You are the storm

Effy Wild is blogging every day this month and on Day 4 she shared the PDF which she wrote for us for Moonshine for April. If you've been curious about the kinds of things I'm learning about in this class, take a look HERE. You can dig in deep, or you can just make pretty art. The art she shares in that post was one of her full moon paintings and was the visual for the writing prompt for Journal 52 Week 13 "Embodied". 
This lesson inspired my art below. As part of SHINE, it's about time I concentrated on the H : HEALTHY : Good eating + Gym habit = Energised * Be mindful * Rest
I think I'll have most success if I create a journal for my journey which also supports :
INNER WORK : Self-care and self-compassion * Affirmations * Explore intuition and inner wisdom via Tarot and Oracle cards * Build inner strength/belief in myself through written journaling.
So first off, I found an old ring binder to alter and covered it with gesso (scraped on with an old credit card). 
I love the red peeking through since one of my favourite colour combos is Turquoise and Red - not sure how much will still be there once I've done my base layer. Let's see
Stencil layers make me so very happy ♥ Note, however, that you can create something unexpected - my initial attempt at this lesson turned into Quirky Owls! Added some more red and my figure (remember you can click on any photo to see it larger)
More work on the figure - I used a baby wipe to remove some of that red so I could see more of the background. In a happy accident, as I tried to draw her breast line in, the pen removed the layers of paint to reveal the red folder colour beneath. I went with it and scratched the lines instead with the blunt end of a pencil.
And although I love Effy's version, I'm leaving my background in it's grungy, stenciled state = looks more like me I think. Especially once I added some stars for Shine. This symbol is so powerful for me.
This is now my healthy work journal. 
I like the ring binder format so I can organise my thoughts and move things around as different areas become more useful. But mostly, I now love my artful body cover and I can feel the winds of change lifting me ♥
You can sign up for this and other classes by Effy Wild HERE. See my Flickr album of all art work inspired by Effy's classes HERE. Also note Journal 52 currently available on special for $20 for the year until end of April (link includes her writing of a prompt for Journal 52 which ties in with the Moonshine free PDF) or on Effy's Patreon account from $5 per month. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

1000th POST ♥ The Kindness of strangers = A Blog giveaway!

This is my 1000th post!! I can't believe I've got to that milestone. I still love blogging although I know that blogs are a bit "old school" in some people's eyes. It's a really lovely way to keep a record of my process for myself and also to share my creative journey to hopefully to inspire others along the way. I live in New Zealand and I'm so lucky that I've met some awesome people around the world as a result of my blogging and online participation in classes.
Earlier this year I was contacted by a lovely woman who was wanting to downsize some of her books and mixed media items. She had met me at a craft fair, and continues to see what I'm up to on this blog and very generously gave me some beautiful items. I was very excited to receive some books that I have borrowed from the library in the past that now can live happily on my own bookshelf and am sooooo happy that I will be able to make use of these gorgeous indian printing blocks
There were some books that I was able to gift on to friends, but I thought it might be nice to share one on the blog as a giveaway for my New Zealand readers to celebrate this blog milestone. I am sorry I can't share this with my overseas followers as well, but the cost of postage is just so expensive - it might end up to be worth more than the book! Please know that I appreciate your visits, and if you leave a comment, that's an especially happy day for me ♥
I already own this book and it is by one of my favourite artists. Take a peek inside via Amazon HERE. Although published a while ago, it remains a regular source of inspiration and if you are new to mixed media or it's just missed your radar, I highly recommend it.
Beryl Taylor inspired my Indian Wall Hanging. If you click on that link it links in turn to all my blogposts about the techniques used to make this.
It remains one of my favourite projects. The book is in almost-new condition. I hope someone would like to have it. If you've got a New Zealand address, please leave a comment here OR on my FB Artist page telling me why you'd like to win and I'll do a random draw a week from now - next Tuesday night (New Zealand time).
I look forward to sharing the love. Please check back on this post Wednesday 2nd May to see if you've won. Good luck.
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