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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Me Time Messages 2

Last week I shared my cover and envelope #1 from the 6-week workshop on the blog of Miscanthus Craft
Go HERE for the instructions for envelope #2 - here's how mine developed
click on any photo to see it larger
This layer of red paint is a bit messy, but I'm okay with that. Love what the black stamped design layer adds - this is more my style.
Then we had to add a large stamp using paint. On my first side I had too much paint on the stamp, but I like this look
I pressed the wet painted flowers down on a blank journal page to transfer some of the paint that was too blobby - a nice start to another calendar journal page
On the other side of the envelope I used less paint on the stamp = more defined flowers
Then it was time to add some words and images. My focus for my "me time message" inside this envelope was on trying to make healthier food choices and to get back to running as well as the gym (which I have managed to get back to this week). I know I was happier with myself and more energised a month ago before I got sick and my good habits lapsed. Here are the 2 sides of the envelope completed
Looking forward to doing envelope #3 - I haven't looked at the instruction video yet, but the blogpost says "get out your masks and inks" so that sounds very me :-)
Hope you fit some creativity into your week.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Watercolour Calendar Journaling

This calendar spread continued my birthday week theme with more celebrations (the butterfly was a label on one of my gifts) and I got my creative mojo back. This time I sprayed through a stencil for lovely background colour and used another fav technique of found words from a large print book. 
click on any photo to see it larger
This was the stencil and spray that I used - it's actually just some diecut paper but holding up quite well so far.

I used the same technique as I did HERE of spraying through the stencil for the left hand page, and then pressing the right hand page over so you get a print from the remaining ink. No proper photo sorry because I didn't expect to be blogging about it :-)
Sam's birthday is a week after mine
I'm enjoying including photos in the journal, and also included a blank party invitation to journal about his friends' party. 
I love this entire spread, due in no small part to all the colour...

You can see all my calendar journal pages in my flickr set HERE. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Star Books

In May, I had a weekend away with some girlfriends. We shopped and shared and laughed, and I taught them how to make star books. I took a completed book to show them what they were going to end up with.
This was our lovely messy creative table :-)
My pages are the butterfly ones in progress on the left. That book will be finished when I have another creative session with my quilt group in a month or so. 
When my son saw the sample, he said he would love one. He turned 10 in June - so here is his, made with photos instead of my usual 'creative bits'
For other photos of star books my friend and I have made go here and this link leads you to instructions by Lynn Davis to make your own star book.
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