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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Quilts, postcards and cricket

Hello everyone - I've had an awesome weekend of sunshine, cricket, quilts, baking and a birthday party. No time to create art, but plenty of inspiration!  First up, inspired again by the wonderful show at Feilding by Kowhai Quilters : 
The location is terrific with the quilts on display in amongst the museum pieces
Click on any photo to see it larger - I was charmed by this sweet Daisy quilt by Robin Coleman
and loved this colourful design by Marina Kitto
beautifully quilted by Paula Shailer
There were some special exhibitions by Aotearoa Quilters : The Flower Challenge
and the Yellow Challenge
Hoffman Quilts were also on display - I've seen them before and still ♥ this one - the stitched details.....perhaps there is a stitched face quilt in my future? 
Click HERE to see the 2016 Hoffman Challenge Quilts. As well as quilts to view, there were shops to be seen. I was only tempted to purchase a small stencil 
I've photographed it on the large, well-used one I already have - it's one of my favourites so thought the smaller version would also be fun. 
Did you know that Hanna is hosting another postcard swap?
See all my posts about previous swaps I've been involved with HERE. I've included it with this post because Kowhai Quilters also had a lovely display of postcards, and I thought their use of a recycled book as a display option was inspired
Thought I would finish with my yesterday : we are enjoying a late burst of Summer here in New Zealand. Yesterday we went to watch my husband in the final of their cricket was a lovely day and although they ended up with second place, it was an awesome location and great team spirit from both sides 
Hope you have a creative week ♥

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Daily Journaling Week 11

I'm following the prompts of the original Documented Life 2014Week 11 : Draw, photograph or collage a bird onto your page
And from the blog for Life Documented 2017 HERE :
Theme is Bloom
Prompt is use stamps, cutting one from an eraser
I love to carve my own stamps - just don't get make enough time to do it regularly - but you can see all my posts where I share stamps I've carved HERE. So I started with a background of green gold and some of my hand-carved stamps - one of my favourite borders and one that I thought fit the "Bloom" prompt quite well
then added some more of my flora themed stamps and a bit more colour
Here you can see my "collage a bird" - I used a serviette, and I couldn't resist adding a small fantail stamp (not hand carved, but I love fantails)
While there are quite a few elements here, there's not enough for me...I added some tape around some edges and then out came my lovely Fantastix applicator again (first used HERE), used this time with a lovely airbrush colour to add both depth and brightness.
The applicators rinse out easily in water for continued use - here's the same applicator ready for the blue. The airbrush colours have been updated and can now be purchased as High Flow acrylics - they are awesome for pen work because they have the same consistency of an ink
Here's a detail of the blue hue added - doodles and dots with the fantastix applicator. 
I only dipped it once into the paint and it did all the colour you seen on the completed spread. 
That's Week 11 all complete except for the daily journaling. You can see all my posts about this project HERE and my Flickr album HERE

Saturday, March 11, 2017

FFII : Week 7

This is my take on the seventh face from Effy's 8-week online class Facing Forward II : the things we need to hear. Effy made this particular lesson FREE - GO HERE and have a go. There is something very delicious and subversive for me about creating faces that don’t conform with societal expectations around beauty. I like fierce faces, sad faces, angry faces, and most especially WONKY faces. This method of creating a face allows me to do all of this with total ease.This is Effy's art : 
I decided to start with this photo of me - happy and exactly where I want to be. "I am who I am"
Now to convey that strength that comes from knowing exactly who I am and what I stand for. I began with black paint and loose strokes
Note it's an "expressive self-portrait" - conveying inner self rather than looking exactly like me! Her hair was painted with Goldens Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, and the background with Permanent Violet Dark fluid acrylic with a layer on top of the darker Dioxazine Purple. 
Her face was also shaded with the Dioxazine Purple and I added the Violet back in with some gold to lighten her lips. Click on any photo to see it larger for the details.
I decided that gold stars were most appropriate for my background - because of my SHINE focus, and also because of the poem I used. 
My words are from this wonderful poem by Victoria Erickson - I adore her work and this poem fits well with my word of the year SHINE.
I began to put the words on and thought I could have a few more divisions in some of the wider areas so added some curls - one of my signatures. 
I ended up having enough room to repeat the poem several times.  
I love how she turned out - you can see that she's come from Effy's lesson but she's all mine ♥ Our focus in Book of Days this month is Fierce Tenderness, and I also see that reflected here.
See all the blog posts about the faces I've created in this class HERE. See my Flickr album for all my art from classes with Effy HERE. You can still buy the Facing Forward II Class. I highly recommend it. 
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