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Friday, January 20, 2017

Sharing inspiration

It's a long weekend for me : Wellington Anniversary weekend with Monday off. I'll share how I'm spending it later. I won't be posting my own art until I'm back, so thought I would share some recent discoveries that are not so much new techniques but reminders of cool things you can do. Hope they inspire you in your art.
I ♥ Pebeo iridescent paints - these are the two colours I own that have become fast favourites.
After watching this colour mixing video from Joggles, I'm thinking I may need some more, but of course I have other metallic paints that I'm sure I could use try these techniques.
This is another Joggles one promoting Dina Wakley's Media tape but could be applied to other tapes - it's inspiring for making your own or altering what you have. 
I've made my own tapes in the past on micropore tape and with a gelli plate on other surfaces 
A cute technique that I must try again from Stencil Girl Mary Beth Shaw 
: use stencils as rubbing plates underneath magazine pages 
- instructions HERE.
And if you're interested in painting faces with acrylics, there's a really cool guide to mixing skin tones HERE - includes a link to a FREE class about it on Craftsy. 
And I didn't know that Craftsy has an Art blog with painting and drawing tips
I love Geninne Zlatkis' work. See my review of her stamp carving book HERE. Every month she posts a piece of art that you can use for a calendar on your computer desktop. Go HERE for her blog. 
January 2017 Desktop Calendar
Above is January.
Strathmore have also released their list of free online workshops available for 2017. Beginning in March, click on the photo below to see it larger and find out more details HERE
I've added these workshops to my list of cheap and free online classes which you can always find top right beneath my profile.
Hope you have a lovely weekend. Talk to you when I get back.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Card making for the men in your life

I make almost every card that I give - and mostly they're pretty with butterflies/flowers etc...Not really good for the men in my life. Here are a few ideas I've used to make cards for men.
Using fabric scraps : 
Hot glue gun 'stencil' for the base and then try and get some serviettes with things like wine glasses, musical instruments, or other appropriate hobbies
Sometimes it's just a matter of keeping it very simple with your colour palette - this was for a friend when he left work
And sometimes lots of texture is what's called for. The background of this was an old encyclopedia page - look for some with technical drawing/flags/or his hobby again. 
I also love using that drywall joint tape for texture on the card - often I sponge through it as well for background colour
And my latest made for my lovely Dad started life a long time ago as a collaged base with gelli printing
then I had a play with stencil cutting and added spray paint
I have just cut an interesting piece out of it and machine stitched it on the front of cardstock base - really like it
Hope there is something there to inspire you to make cards for the men in your life. I have a Flickr album with all the cards I've made HERE.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Daily Journaling Week 3 and Summer Hols ♥

I am going to try and keep posting on the weekend for my Daily journaling, but I'm late this week because I've been on holiday :-) 
I'm following the prompts of the original Documented Life project 2014. Week 3 : Add an envelope from your mail box. 2 envelopes in my mail box the day I started this spread - both bills! But one  has this window...
Original spread had colour again - just as well because I started this not feeling very inspired
Began by trimming my windowed envelope to fit the page size. Love the glow of the left page, and the pretty soft colours generally so just started by adding more colour from that palette with stencils - feel like adding a couple of art cards to put in the envelope too
And quite soon I had this : 
There is now a blog for Life Documented 2017 where you can pick up the prompts very easily HERE. Week 3's prompt from there was to add a face. I already did that last week - here she is with holiday snaps added for memory keeping....
So this week I decided to add some favourite faces to one of the cards as a reminder of some lovelies that I am grateful for. Journaled on the back about them ♥
Here are a few of my holiday snaps so you can share my beautiful New Zealand : 
Brown Sugar cafe in Taihape - lunch on the way up the island. Lovely angel inspirations in Rotorua
Gannets at Muriwai beach in Auckland
And lovely walk at North Head, Devonport still in Auckland : 
Exploring old defences and lovely sea walk
And the gorgeous Auckland domain for a birthday picnic followed by evening celebrations for my niece 
Dixie Brown's highly recommended in Taupo for dinner AND breakfast the following day!
Back home again yesterday and this is my spread right now. Decided to leave my journaling page looser without lines so I can add photos or writing sized as desired and leave out some days if I decide I don't have things to capture.
There will be more additions to my spread and the other art card as the week progresses. I'll share in my next daily journal post. You can see all my posts about this project HERE and my Flickr album HEREHope you are fitting creativity and other happy things into your week.
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